Night Light Fun


I got the idea from @marmak3261, so I can’t take all the credit, but I have been having a lot of fun making all kinds of night lights. Here is a picture of one of the latest ones that I made.

I got the night lights from Amazon,
There are several different lights that look similar, but these are the least expensive that I found. I have both types. The ones that I listed use Philips screws that can be removed from the case, the other more expensive ones use a triangular screw that is difficult to remove. The clear plastic is not acrylic and will not laser well, so I recommend that you use PG thick Acrylic. Here is what the image that I sent to the Glowforge looked like.

I have made lots of different ones and they are easy to make and only take about 27 minutes. I used the 3D setting on the Glowforge to do the engraving and left the masking on the acrylic because there will be a haze around the engraving if the masking is removed.

Engrave on black marble - getting closer!

That is too cute!


Oh that is the cutest night light I’ve ever seen! :grinning:
(Need to make one for my kitty cats, although they might not appreciate it properly.)


I’m sure they will show their disdain. :cat:


That IS pretty awesome.


Wow, that image came out so crisp and clear! Perfect rendition.

Though the reverse image is still a bit scary :wink:


WOW! That looks kinda surreal like a ghost!


Wow really nice and clean.


Wow! Simply Amazing!:grinning::thumbsup::glowforge:


Really nice. Is the image from a site or yours?


That looks great but I think it might look even better with a cutline around the art.


Really a cute little guy and a great looking night light! Thanks for sharing it with us!


I found it on line somewhere. :grin:


Great idea. :grinning:


Excellent! Great write-up also! Reminds me of our little Yorkie that we had.

Photo was perfect for this use!


Great result David! :sunglasses:


I made another night light this weekend. This is my most popular one. I have a bad habit of giving them away before I take any pictures.


I like this one too, but i :heart: the puppy dog one…no contest! :wink:




I’ve seen these nightlights sold individually at Dollar Tree in California for $1 each with the phillips screw closure. Will pick some up!