Nightlight Shade Upgrade

thanks, I am new to the glowforge site (new user), I was not expecting a .png picture file…….how do you know what size to make the svg file so that it fits on her bought base? I got Inkscape on line to use. it seems to me the “rings” have to be a certain size? Think I am a bit confused?

I’ve saved the file as a PDF. I’ve attached it below.

NightLightShade.pdf (533.1 KB)

Also, here is the original file saved as an SVG in a zip file. (40.8 KB)

Please note, depending on software you use, the file might be sized differently. I just try to double-check sizing before printing. I am not sure of the exact sizing. I have not printed this file. In Adobe Illustrator, the base appears to be 2 3/8 inches x 5 inches.

Good luck!

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thank you, got it…appreciate it a lot

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so cool! how did you curve it?

They used a living hinge pattern. Its really neat how it works.

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