Nightlight Shade Upgrade

I bought a few of these at the Dollar Store:

But they’re kind of ugly, so I thought I’d make them prettier with my mad Glowforge skilz. On my third try (#1 was cardboard and #2 was draftboard), this is what I ended up with:

My original plan was to use plywood, but the cheap LED bulbs are too dim to light the room up just through the cracks, so I ended up going with acrylic. I used clear acrylic on the top and back to let more light through, but it’s still pretty dim. I’m hoping it will seem brighter in the middle of the night when my eyes aren’t in “daytime” mode. :wink:

Here’s the SVG, if you want to try it.



  • The shade just sits down over the fixture for easy removal. (Not sure WHY, exactly, since you can’t change the bulb in this model…:roll_eyes:)
  • The bottom opening has two notches that accommodate this particular model’s shape and keep it correctly aligned. YMMV with other fixtures.
  • The four rings are meant to be glued together and adhered around the opening in the bottom of the shade, flat side against the back, to reduce wobble when it’s sitting on the fixture. If you have one with an incandescent bulb, you might not want to use all 4. (Assuming it fits at all!)
  • The fit of the parts is a little loose. I’m going to pretend I meant for it to be that way, to avoid stressing the acrylic. Even though I originally designed it for wood. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • When cut from acrylic, you may have to individually pop out each little heart-shaped hole. Put on a good audiobook and get a cup of coffee first, and it won’t seem quite as tedious. :slight_smile:



Thank you for sharing the file! It’s going into my folder of miscellaneous designs which I fully expect to browse through one of these days and pick out a few fun things to make. This is a very cool adaptation.


Good job!!! :tanabata_tree:


Hearts are a nice touch as well. Nicely done!


Holy smokes! Living hinge in acrylic? Well done! And thanks for the file.


Nice job! Love the heaets! Thank you for sharing your file.


That is pretty good. As @cynd11 said, living hinge acrylic is a challenge. Very clever!


You people and your creativity never cease to amaze me.

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Oh yeah, that’s just a perfect nightlight design. :grinning::+1:


A great design that could be used for many things. It might be of interest to know that at 300-degrees F or so acrylic is like rubber and will bend to any shape and hold it after it cools. I once bent some clear that was 14’ long and 4’ wide for a business that wanted their front window to wave like a sine curve.


Like your design. Had to experiment with the svg and try out one of the tea light holders just to see what it would look like.

Thanks for the file :slight_smile:


Neato! The purple looks cool.

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I hope you saved all the little heart nubbins you worked so hard for. Glued to a printed card every time a child comes home with a scraped knee you could give them a purple heart :smile:


Beautiful design! Thanks for sharing

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Way to show off your “mad Glowforge skilz”. You took the nightlight to a whole new level of awesome!


Every time I see this thread, I see it as Nightshade Upgrade. Only slightly different.

I as well love the heart details and color!

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Smart idea! Thanks for the shared file!

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Cant find the file, would love to try the nightlight shade…where did you get it and can I have a copy

I can see the file @geek2nurse uploaded in the first post to this thread. It is located just above the “notes” area.

Each browser is different. If you cannot see the file, maybe you can try a different browser? I am using Safari, and I can see it (it is very faint, however).

Once you locate the file, you should be able to right-click to download it.

If you make one, please share! I love to see pictures of the things folks create.

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it is a blank area, no file……….can you send me a link to it?