Nightmare before christmas ornament

Made this because I want to start making more ornaments for christmas.


Great, now I’m gonna have to make one, too! Have always loved this movie - your ornament turned out great :+1:t4:

Looks great.

Very nice!

Nice flow. I like it.

I saw this peeking out from your other post an am glad to have a clear view! Can I ask what point in your process you are painting? I have a project I’ve been working on with painted wood and glitter and realized I was making life hard on myself by not painting it white before I cut it. I ordered some “paper vinyl transfer tape” on amazon when it was on flash sale, and then when I got it realized I should have actually looked at the item page because it is clear. So useless and I still have no wide masking tape. I really should get some.

I like the addition of the words hanging underneath. Looks great!

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I used arcylic paint markers, I use posca paint markers because theyre more chalky than other markers. Generally the proofgrade sucks to paint on, but I had a bunch so I decided to actually use it.
Here’s the markers:

Ooh neat. Thanks. I’ve mostly only got draftboard in the pg left, but tried to paint some earrings i cut out of the pg ply and I see what you mean! Took 2 coats to look painted. I bet those really help with detailed work.

A unique finish. I like it!

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You are very creative and his diet is very successful!!