Nine compartment quick grab drill bit index

Turns out that 9 is the perfect number of trays for 0-1" random drill bits that I just want to grab and go. Yes, I have complete indexes as well, this is just a grab and go.

I’m loving me some French cleats.


Nice functional design.

Me too! Simple and strong. I use the concept to hang all of my pictures with Command strips and wood scrap.


Looks sharp (this response has been pre-groaned for your viewing pleasure).

Joking aside, this is more practical than my grab n go cigar box.
Nice job.


And exactly why I made it. All of these were in a couple of plastic trays and all but impossible to find what I wanted. Now it is pretty quick as 1/8, 1/4, and 1" have slots of their own and the remaining ones are easy to thumb through.


Yeah, I ran into an unexpected wall when trying to get a handle on the piles of detritus that I seem to be a magnet for. Bought one of those revolving parts bins to finally organize the 5 gal. bucket of random hardware. (looks at the bucket… looks at the bin…) Yeah. "Machine screw, washer, another machine screw, nut, wood screw… "
Took a week of taking a break, drinking a beer, and sorting. Much better now - that I leave behind a highly organized pile of crap instead of a bucket.