Ninja voltive holder


So we bought the pattern off the shop and while it prints lovely my wife did not like the windows pattern. So I recreated a variant ( a little shorter and wider for easier lighting) in fusion 360.

Now I have a template to add my own silhouettes to. Like ninjas!


that is very cool. love the ninja silhouettes :smile:


Once again, the ability to quickly change a design makes a real winner!


Very cool. :slightly_smiling_face:


The fun shines through man, you can’t hide it. :sunglasses:


It’d be funny to do the ninjas on the inside, so that you don’t see them when the light is off, but see their silhouettes when it’s on.


I was gonna say… a real ninja would never be seen.



Right. I was sorta thinking about that old trope in ninja movies where you see their silhouette through the shoji screens as they sneak up on their target, followed by the red splash of blood on the screen itself.