Nintendo Switch + Projector box

We use a projector for most of our TV & movie watching, and got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas.

To make it easier to plop the Nintendo Switch into the dock and use it with the projected, I made a box to hold everything together, as well as some space for charging controllers.

My first time using box generators and custom laying out things for a practical box.
This was meant to be the cardboard prototype, but I think it might be the box for a while. We’ll probably discover a couple more improvements to be made, and then it’ll start wearing out a bit, and then I’ll cut it from some draftboard or plywood.

I used for the box.


That is pretty awesome! I like that idea.


Love that gif. Could watch it a thousand times. Great idea, the GF may take up a decent amount of space, but it’s great at helping with organization.


GIF made with Google Photos. Just snapped the 5 or 6 frame. Selected them and created an animation. :smiley:


Great idea on the box and a great GIF.

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Love the animation.


Ah yes, the “it’s just temporary” box has many lives! I kinda love the purple and red tape :stuck_out_tongue:

It goes by too quickly for me to read it - what kind of projector do you have, and do you love it? I keep on trying to convince my people to go with a projector instead of progressively larger televisions but there are so many out there!


I love custom made organizers! One of the best uses for a laser, I think.


I have this Anker Mars II:
Mine might be a older, slightly less powerful version of that.

I really like it. The portability of it is great.
Built in battery. Built in speakers.

We watch shows an many walls (and ceilings) around the house, as well as outside on occasion. The built in software is meh, so I have a Chromecast plugged in the back that works great.


Cardboard can last forever … just saying. :grinning:

This is a great use!