Nintendo-themed builds

I got my Glowforge Pro a few days ago. My buddy’s requests have dominated my first few days of builds. He wanted wooden replicas of an NES and SNES cartridge, and he requested that I design and build a visor for playing Nintendo Switch hands-free.

Here’s how they came out.

Chrono Trigger on cheap 1/8 inch plywood.

The first prototype of the Switch Visor. Still needed strap slots and an elastic mounting point at this stage, but I needed to test the depth (turns out it also needed two or three more inches of distance to comfortably focus on it.) Made from the box the Glowforge samples came in.

This was for me, an engraved version of the symbol from one of my novels, burned onto some walnut left over from another project.

And finally, my very first project, The Legend of Zelda on 1/4 inch plywood. This was where I learned that prepping the image is very necessary.

Overall, very impressed with this machine so far! The only issue is, without the filter base, I’ve got to limit my cutting because the vent window isn’t terribly accessible, so throwing a hose out requires a level of commitment to the project and still tends to let some stink waft inside. I’m working on a solution to that.


Great looking projects! :grinning:


Amazing work!!! I love the cartridges especially. Great game choices :smiley: I really am looking forward to what else you come up with.

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REALLY GREAT work on all!

You beat me to it! I’ve been working on designing a SNES cart myself! I was going to do it on 3/4" wood instead, but now that I see yours I’m wondering if maybe 3x layers of 1/4" might be a better way to go. Maybe with some veneer around the whole thing to hide the layers. Hmmm… You’ve got me thinking now! :slight_smile:

The Switch Visor is neat! Keep us posted with your progress.


Looks like you had a lot of fun getting to know your Glowforge! Great job!

great! I’m so happy with my classic SNES that I’m right back @ Nintendo-fanboy-station

Loving those cartridges!

An update. The ridiculous Switch Visor: Plywood Edition is complete.

I also 3D printed one for a friend who doesn’t trust wood.


This… I think, needs more explanation. How can you not trust wood?!

Awesome project by the way.

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Plastic - it’s a Space Age material :smile:

If anything, I’d trust all-natural wood over made-in-a-lab plastic with all it’s chemicals and whatnot. You know that one molecule difference is all it takes to have margarine rather than plastic?! :rofl:


I think he was worried about splinters and about the potential weakness of the box joint and glue.

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What game is that by the way? Looks suspiciously like something I’d see on my SNES Classic!

That’s Shovel Knight.

So what is made on the tree wood made from if it isn’t chemicals?

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I suppose it all depends on your point of view. The position I’m taking is that wood is made in nature and then manipulated by man to create the product. Plastic, sure takes elements which are found in nature, but then uses those to create a compound which is not found in nature, then uses that compound to create the product.

If you want to get microscopic about it, then I suppose everything in the universe is ultimately identical because it is all made of the same three building blocks; protons, neutrons and electrons.

@jrlallo how is Shovel Knight? I’ve been interested but never wanted to pull the trigger because it seemed like a fairly steep cost.

It is a much found in nature as honey is. Bees are animals that make honey. We are animals that make almost anything we want including plastic. So plastic occurs in the natural world because we do. It might occur elsewhere in the universe if there is other intelligent life, which is more likely than not.

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Shovel Knight is fun. The main game plays a lot like the old Ducktales game, lots of bouncing on enemies to kill them. Very effective retro gameplay, while still getting rid of the “limited lives” thing that can make older games frustrating. There’s two alternate playthroughs that completely change the gameplay, too. I very much enjoyed it.


And that’s the distinction between honey and plastic.

Bees are not intelligent. No one bee had an epiphany one day on how to create honey. When bees (of the correct genus) and flowers/plants both exist, so exists honey.

Plastic on the other hand doesn’t exist without the intelligence of humans. Plastic started as a modified/processed organic item, but has evolved over the years to become completely synthetic. Synthetic, as defined by is “noting or pertaining to compounds formed through a chemical process by human agency, as opposed to those of natural origin”.

@jrlallo Thanks for the review. Maybe when the newness of the SNES Classic wears off I’ll give it a shot.