No Cell Phones

My husband finally asked me to make him something with my :glowforge:. A simple sign, but glad he finally realized this was more than a useless toy. Fortunately, he has always indulged me over the years and doesn’t question my purchases.

Of course, his next request was engraving on scotch bottles (I’m not great with alcohol so it really could have been something else), which were obviously way too big LOL

(don’t click below, it is just an example of it painted)

Again, don’t click the pic above, it is just the example.

Here is the SVG below, just right click and ‘save as SVG’ if it is something that interests you.



You know I had to click the pic anyway.

Nice practical project.


Did you do it as a multi cut inlay in acrylic? (e.g. the red is red acrylic bonded in?)

No, I actually just made it out of MDF which I painted to save on $$. Learned that spray paint covers much better then the little bottles of acrylic paint I had on hand. I also cut out a separate layer of MDF with just the outline and glued the pieces down to that versus to each other.


The finished piece. Finally found a pic.


A few folks on here have used the forge to cut out designs, and then used those to etch full sized bottles…so the :glowforge: can still help!

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Sand blasting or??

I think acid etching, but it’s not something I’ve done so I’ve never followed up…

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I actually had a blasting box that I never opened. Just wasn’t a good time and 95% of the time I am in a very, very small house. In a few years I will be back to our main home and will have plenty of room (but not necessarily $$) to buy all the toys I want. Live a weird life right now. But I already have my craft space laid out in my mind!


Good start. Carry on with no cell phones while driving, at family functions &etc.
nice layout and design!


Nice job! Thank you for sharing your file.

Yes, I think this would be nice at the front entry table, to have family leave their cell phones there for our holiday gatherings.

My new hearing aid can only be controlled from my cell phone. If you want me to be part of the conversation, you’d better let me keep my cell phone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just curious, can you use your cell phone as a separate microphone? As in setting the cell phone next to the person you want to hear the best and their voice will be transmitted directly to your hearing aid?

Long ago it required a separate microphone and was transmitted via FM signal to hearing aids that had that capability. I’m assuming this is bluetooth now.

I still have to make an appointment before the end of the year to see if I’m a candidate as I’m having more and more trouble. Unfortunately I’m afraid mine is more auditory processing decreasing.

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That’s how my Dad’s hearing aids work. Bluetooth. The cool part is he can use the microphone thing, or just connect the hearing aids to any Bluetooth device to listen to it.

They have a thing you can buy called a ConnectClip, if you want to do this. Or you can change the program on the hearing aids to focus the amplification in the direction you are looking. I use that at work and any time I’m in an environment where I want to hear who’s talking to me and not everything else going on around us.

The Oticon hearing aid I have is also IFTTT-enabled ( so I can set it to do stuff like tell me when the international space station is flying over, remind me periodically to suck in my gut, tell me when someone rings my Ring doorbell, etc. :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah, and like @Tom_A said, you can connect it to Bluetooth devices. I can listen to my audiobook or music if I’m bored, and no one’s the wiser. :wink:

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I would have to imagine they (Oticon) HAVE the capability to use the phone but they either decided not to to sell the ConnectClip or less likely they assumed folks wouldn’t want to hand their cell phone to someone else. Just doesn’t make sense otherwise based on what you are telling me and my previous experience with hearing aid technology.

I remember that you said they were IFTTT-enabled so I looked it up last time. Does sound very interesting. Again, that or the bluetooth should allow the remote mic on the phone.

Phonak was the 2nd company I used the most. Guess I’ll do some more research and see what they offer too.

(audiologist in my prior life for those that don’t know)

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