No crumbtray tool

Recently downloaded this file but I get an error
“Filled shape is open”
when I try to print it.

And I have searched but haven’t been able to find the post (24.4 KB)

I think that file came from the Facebook group. I unzipped from your post and the svg loads ok. I didn’t try to actually print it. Do you get the error message as soon as it loads, or when you enter settings?

Odd, I’m not getting the error either.

I’d try deleting it from your projects and re-uploading it. Maybe something got scrambled when you uploaded it.

Well I guess the hob goblins are at it again. I tried uploading it twice and got the same error both times as it was processing, but it works fine now.
As Leticia on SNL used to say, “Never mind.”


Good times :slight_smile:


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