No glue required


I was going through some of the free designs I had downloaded a while back. One had an interesting joining method. Using friction instead of glue. I figured I’d work on it a bit and see if I can make something a little better.

Introducing, self locking tabs. Just slide together until they pop into place.

Still needs a bit of tweaking, just a tad more play than I was hopping for.

Here’s the SVG if someone wants to play with it too.

Locking Tab Test


Very clever! :grinning:


I have seen a lot of variations on locking spring joints for 3D printing and have used a few in the past. Sort of forgot about them. Lots of ‘Oh Yeah’ happens when lurking here, lol.

I will have to go back and examine them now I imagine, since Glowforge seems to handle complex rather nicely and the living hinge concept makes many of them feasible with wood.

I like the simplicity of your find and it would work well if excess overhang is not an issue.

Below is a fast and dirty locking spring joint concept sketch. I have a pre-GF file in the works that is using slots for joinery, but may rethink it using a spring joint idea instead.


Thank you. I look forward to playing with this.


Wow that’s really great! Thanks for sharing the technique!


Don’t forget about the Stanford snap fit.


Neat! Maybe next you’ll adapt these tabs for non-orthogonal angles? :slight_smile: