No InstructionsWith Glowforge Free Files?

Maybe it is me and this is not a complaint because I love getting free files :):slight_smile:
The last couple of free files from Glowforge have not had instructions?
Specifically the guitar strap and the perpetual calendar.
Normally there are step by step photos and assembly details as well as settings.
Can you point me to where I would find the instructions.
Thank you !!!


You are correct about the lack of instructions. I think the guitar strap is solely cut out of medium leather.

The perpetual had a thread…there it is:


This is the greatest typo I have ever seen. Is the mohel free on the 17th? Let me check…


Or another solution is to message someone and let them know you caught a mistake and offer to help… Speaks volumes… I thought the purpose of this was to be supportive of each other and help, not make snarky comments???

Thank you for your reply and help. It is appreciated. Not everything is clear to everybody so adding the instructions like they had in others is helpful. Thank you again for taking the time to be helpful.

I took it as a compliment…most of us around here have weird senses of humor, and enjoy stuff that’s a little off. :slight_smile:


You’re right - they do come without instructions. I’ll let the team know that you’re interested in instructions for future designs!