No longer need help identifying these velcro thingies

Not really Glowforge related, but if someone’s going to know materials, I bet it’s one of you.

I found a sheet of these little tiny velcro-like adhesive dots. I think they must have come with some product I bought a long time ago and most of them were used in its assembly, with a few left over that I threw in a junk drawer. The problem is that I found another use for them and I want to get some more. I don’t know what they’re called or who sells them. “Velcro dots” on Amazon just gives me large circles of regular velcro. These things are super thin.

Any ideas?


Ok, I’m stupid. I just searched for “thin velcro” and I think it was the first result.

I guess I had to ask the question to get un-fixated from searching for “dots”.


Hah. Nicely done! :wink:

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I’ve been using my GF to cut out sandpaper from full sheets (velcro backed) for my odd shaped sander. It’s much cheaper than buying pre-cut. This I’m sure would work for cutting out whatever size velcro dot you need from a roll or sheet.


I think the nylon would melt, and in any case I’d still have had the original problem of needing to find sheets of the material. It’s all moot since I found the dots.

Pretty sure last time I bought them was from Michaels. Used to mount stuff on foam board for school projects and such.

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