No-Math Focus Ruler

Just used this!!! Pure magic. Thanks sooooo much. Love this little, powerful, no math tool you shared as well as the info on the new set Focus. EASY, PEASY!


I’m new to this and a little confused.
I thought the material thickness was just that, how thick the wood is.
Not the distance from the laser head to object, which would be the focus…

By inputting the thickness, you are actually telling the machine where to focus. This is why with the honeycomb tray removed, you still must get the material in the range of .001 to .05 from the lens.

The material thickness setting assumes that the material is sitting on the crumb tray, which is approximately 1.4 inches above the bottom of the GF. That setting is only used to adjust the placement of images, not the focus.

As long as the material is between 1.4 and 1.95 inches above the bottom (the lines on the ruler), the GF will be able to focus automatically.

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OK, I think I understand it now. I had it in my brain that the thickness setting was to tell the GF on what power level to use according to the thickness. But that is all preset or manually input.

Thank you

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I was looking for something just like this thanks. Going to start playing around with some thicker cutting boards today

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yay!!! I can engrave the mac book now!

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Thank you so much for this!!! I can finally gather the courage to try engraving without the crumb tray!


The circle hole you cut at the top of the pattern, is that just a holder or does it line up to something?

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No, it’s just a hole for a keychain, etc.


I love this so much - thank you for sharing this!!

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Can someone point me in the right direction on how to use one of these files? Do I import it to inkscape? Or do I just put it right into glowforge app?

You should be able to load the unzipped SVG file directly into the Glowforge UI.

The original post includes descriptions of what operations to use for each color.

I recommend not loading it onto inkscape as it might end up the wrong size. I made the svg to go directly into the GF ui.

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(You can open and edit in Inkscape just fine, for those that want to, although not sure why you would need to. Custom logo?)


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Thanks! Thus was one of the most useful posts yet! The community is so awesome!

BTW I do taxes for a living! Ha!


I’m new here and am reading a lot before I fire up my machine. (I’ve done the recommended set up).
So what you’re saying is to cut out this tool and then use it to physically measure the height of your materials without the crumb tray?

Yes. The tool give you quick information about whether or not your material is in the focus range. Once you are positive you are in the focus range, you can use the set focus tool.

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Thank you for this. Saves me so much time and headaches.

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You are quite welcome.