No more Laserbits?

It appears that laserbits was possibly bought out by Johnson Plastics (or some sort of merger). When I tried to visit the site it takes you to Johnson Plastics (was working the other day). Has anyone heard anything about this? I know when I visited the Phoenix Johnson Plastics site last year, Laserbits had just moved from their location to the same building (actually the lobby for Johnson Plastics had two desks - one with a Laserbits receptionist the other Johnson Plastics). :confused:



So I guess that means all the Laserbits stuff is here now?
Not sure I like the site. I definitely liked the Laserbits site. Super-easy to find everything. Maybe I’ll get used to this site though and come to like it.


I had heard something about a merger a while back. I recently started buying dye sublimation substrates from Johnson Plastics. One reason for choosing to work with them is the diversity of supplies for sublimation, lasering, and routing. I agree with @thomas.alessi.jr that their website is not as helpful as some others.


Oh! Yes, that happened about a year ago.

I have a good relationship with JP and love the Rowmark brands, so was happy about it. :slight_smile:

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Cool! Tell 'em to make their website easier to browse! :slight_smile: If I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for (often the case) I fear I’d never stumble across it! The Laserbits site was a pleasure to browse.

That’s good though… You’ve had good experience with them. Looks like since they’ve gobbled up Rowmark, Bur-Lane, and Laserbits, they’re really the only game in town!

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Technically, Rowmark is the one the owns Johnson and now Laserbits. Not that I mind :wink: I’m finding out all kinds of interesting connections since this conversation came up.

I did mention the site. They chuckled and said they’ll pass it along.


Don’t forget about B.F plastics. They seem to have a very good selection and pretty good prices. Website is easier to navigate too :smile:


They haven’t run out of their old packing tape yet (w/old website). Found outside my front door yesterday…



Got an email from BF promoting their new online purchasing website.

Guess they are getting new exposure.