No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!


So this isn’t exactly Bond related, but Bond Inspired, and I needed a clever title. Sorry.
Anyways, I felt that I needed some sort of warning sign for my laser room. Not really because I needed one, but I guess I was bored, and it would provide some sort of conversation piece if I had guest. So I designed a sign that I thought was funny and caught the attention it deserved.

so yeah… there it is.
Not sure how to end this… soo…ralph


This is what I expected…
Bond-2.avi (1.0 MB)

Yours is great also.


Colored acrylic layers always look fantastic! I hope to create some lovely and colorful signs with it.


Yep! Looks fantastic! :grinning:


I love it. I’ll buy one.


This is the best safety sign so far. Glowforge should license it from you and have everybody made it as their test print. :slight_smile:


Very cool!


I love this idea.

@dan, I believe you have my information…haha


Absolutely great!


Great sign, and best post ending yet.