No need for support here


For my wife, I took a fall Leaf she found and worked with it in Photoshop and illustrator to make a pendant for her.

Lasering it with ProifGrade medium acrylic, it didn’t cut all the way through and I thought “Ah Hah! Report for Support! Then I looked closer and found the slightest warped rise of the sheet in that corner— so I pinned it down with a series of rare earth magnets, ran the job again, and bingo! It worked perfectly— no support message after all😊


Gorgeous! I’d like to see a pair from either metallic acrylic, or acrylic to which a metallic film has been applied. Wouldn’t that be cool? Or even maybe dip them in paint for a colorful look. Lots you can do with this design.


Back when I first got the prerelease ‘flashback’ was a problem. the laser bouncing off the grid and marring the back. Now the settings are just tight enough to cut the mask back there, so yeah, any warp will push the settings out.


Excellent ideas!


Wish there was someway to impress on future users how important “COMPLETELY FLAT” is to Proofgrade success. Good on you for catching it. Guaranteed to see post after post in Problems and Support claiming the materials are flat but the system failed to cut all the way through. Not every problem will be caused by slight warp but many will.


So true. It was my first cut of the day, and when it didn’t work, I stopped and thought “Ok, before anything else, check for user error.” I’ve found in all things computer wise and most things life wise, that can often resolve the issue at hand without needing to go any further - and those magnets are your friend!!


Maple earrings


Beautiful! They look like icicles shaped like leaves! :grinning:


Very nice!!!


That confused me for a minute. Those aren’t maple leaves. :laughing:


Ummm, good point. Elm leaves cut out of PG Maple?


Yes, I learned to begin troubleshooting with "OK, what’s the last thing you touched?" :roll_eyes: