No Soliciting 2 (182.8 KB)



Hope that helps, keep the distractions away


It will give you something to point to when the doorbell rings.
The struggle is real.

Came out awesome, so give them some leeway when they comment that they rang anyway just to compliment the sign.
Then calmly point to it again.


Disconnect the doorbell.

Hmm let us know how that tape holds up, Interesting.

Funny thing is it may not help at all. I was standing on a step ladder inside the alcove to my front door one day when a guy walked up and reached through the legs of the ladder to place junk mail in my mailbox. There was a very clear sign on the box that read “No junk mail”. It seems I startled him when I asked whether or not he could read but he grabbed his junk mail and left anyway. For the next few months at least I was junk mail free.

Interesting. If he weren’t a postman then he was breaking the law as he’s not supposed to be using the mailbox for anything not sent through the mail (an often ignored rule but one that is out there and can be used if someone takes advantage of your box). If he was a postman, he doesn’t have a choice - sign or no sign, he has to deliver everything addressed to you that comes through the post office. He can get fired for not doing that (and there is actually a prison sentence potential but almost never invoked).

When I was less tolerant, I’d take every piece of junk mail with a reply card or other post-paid (usually with a permit indicia) and send them back with Fred & Wilma Flintstone’s information on them. Figured if they spent money to send it to me, least I could do is spend their money making sure they got it back :smiley:

Now it just goes in the shredder.


I could see having a lot of fun with that if they ignore it. Just glance over at the sign, give them your best Hannibal Lecter stare, and say calmly “Now you’ve gone and made it weird.”


Can you make this to a zip file cause when you save the image in cuts off everything

Haha, no this guy wasn’t a postal employee. Now pretty much the majority of my mail is junk flyers that go straight to recycle but I know it is paying a huge part of the postal employees wages so I don’t have any problem with that.

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Add another doorbell button labeled “for solicitors only” but don’t hook it up.


I will when I get back to that computer

That looks great. Here is one I made for a friend a while back! One v.SVG and one v.CDR Charge to listen|4x6 Charge to listen.cdr (299.1 KB)

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