No Valid Toolpath

I’m getting a “No Valid Toolpath” error in Fusion 360 when I try to add a Post Process. Does anyone know what I need to do? Autodesk help, Google search and viewing of a few @Secret_Sauce videos didn’t provide the answer.

The post processor Gareth coded is great, but it isn’t magic. You still need to define a setup (the coordinate system of your part should be z normal to the surface you want to cut) and define a tool path (choose what shape you want to laser). Please rewatch my video and follow the steps. 1) design your part 2) go to CAM and define your setup 3) define your toolpaths 4) output your code (post process)
From what I can tell from the screenshot, you are trying to go from step 1 to step 4.

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Thanks. I have a pre-made file from Thingiverse ( and was trying to follow your install directions for the Gareth edition to output it. I assumed (mistake) that steps 1-3 were done in the file. I’ll watch more videos.

I haven’t found that to be the case. The toolpathing step isn’t usually done. And because your machine is different than most, you want to order and generate the toolpaths regardless of what’s been done in the file.

I just helped someone in a different CNC tool forum who hit that issue last night so don’t think it’s only you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just exported the piece SVGs and am recreating in Illustrator and skipping Fusion 360 part. Thanks

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If you are working with Fusion, Jason is a professional engineer on that program and will be an authority to rely on.

Yes. Jason @Secret_Sauce has been incredibly helpful with all of his tutorials and assistance on the forum. I’m also thankful that Autodesk has been wise enough to offer a startup license to capture people when they’re learning. There’s a lot of inside baseball that happens with a tool designed for commercial/powerful uses and I haven’t yet invested the time to truly learn it. I did watch a number of the video sessions, but you have to watch and do and redo and I haven’t invested the time yet.

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