No Waste, 3D Xmas Bauble - Why doesn't it fall out?!?!

So cut out both parts of the bauble from one piece, but why doesn’t the inner fall out when assembled?

Here’s a trick you can use on your own baubles. The inner doesn’t fall out because it the whole bauble is slightly oval, rather than circular. So the inner just rotates 90 degrees for tight fit.

Neat huh?

So, please feel free to use any way you want.



Well that’s cool. I’ll have to give it a try—thanks!


How cool is that! Thanks for the share.


How slightly? Did you math it or just wing it?


Very neat! Thank you!!


Very cool! Thank you so much!


If you constrained the design software to draw a perfect circle, it is, and if it were cut as a perfect circle rotating it wouldn’t make any difference.
I recently encountered this with an acrylic inlay. I checked the tension on both of the gantry belts and found one slightly tighter than the other. I tightened the looser one a bit and the resulting circle was closer to perfect but there is still a difference.
I think it would require a calibrated device to tension the belts exactly equal. I speculate the extra holes in the rails forward of the idler pulley are for mounting such a tool. Looking carefully at those holes show “tool marks” where something was attached there.

I could be wrong, stranger things have happened. :upside_down_face:


Well, I’d previously been making these by doing two separate pieces, so I sort of had an idea. But TBH since you really only need to adjust for kerf and a little bit for the notches I ignored all that :slight_smile: These are about 2mm difference.

If the notches needed to be deeper for some material, then you need to add a bit more to compensate for the notch.

These are for wood and so you’ve got a little flex in the material to get a tighter grip. If it was a non-flexing material you might need to be a bit more scientific - but then you would need to know exactly how much kerf you are losing.

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Very cool. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you very much. This is a brilliant idea!
I have a question about the svg - I have 2 layers, the words around the ring, then on the cut layer I have the stack on the left, then a notched ring further away to the right and above the cutting area of the glowforge. The notched ring doesn’t seem to be the right size. Just ignore it?
Thank you!

Ooops, Yes, just ignore it - that was a spare while I was trialling it. Didn’t realise it was still there ('cos it is out of the print area!) Doofus that I am.


very clever! thanks!

clever and beautiful

nice job


This is very cool. Thank you for sharing!!!

Looks like I opened this tab … ummmmm … some time ago!!! Starting to clear my many open tabs. :blush:


Very interesting approach. Nice work!

I’ve done something similar, but the ‘secret’ is in the tab and notch. All the same piece, and one within the other. The notch IS cut where the tab is for the inner piece… the trick is the width of the notch… adjust THAT measurement for kerf. So a .20" material, make the notch .19" wide.

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So cool! Can’t wait to try this one. Thank you for sharing!

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Very cool idea! Thank you for sharing!

Love it. What was the font that you used? I would love to change the 2020 to 2021.

Hi newbie here I couldn’t get it to work, I probably do not know how to open or change the file can you help I love the design.