Nodosaur fossil

have you guys seen this UNBELIEVABLE nodosaur fossil making the rounds? like, i can’t. i just can’t.

many of you are probably aware that canada is something of a crude oil powerhouse. lots of drilling. this was found in 2011, one of the best fossils ever recovered, definitely the best nodosaur found. too bad they were only able to recover the front half!

i mean. it still has skin. you can almost, almost, make yourself believe that this was the dinosaur’s last expression before probably being swept out to see in a river.

this is our best guess at what it probably looked like when it was still alive:


Just saw an article about it- absolutely amazing!! That gif sums it up pretty well haha


That is really Amazing! :nerd_face:
@jrnelson thanks for sharing! Awesome Find!

My neighbor will flip out. He is studying to be a paleontologist, and works at a Dinosaur museum.

He probably already heard about it though


Looks like it will move in any second!! Beautiful details. :grinning:

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Jenna Marbles is fun

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she’s probably my all-time favorite video blogger. almost every single one of her videos cracks me up. she’s crazy smart, too (which is probably obvious in retrospect, i think it’s hard to be consistently funny and dumb).

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Hehe, looks cuddly!

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You have your fossil, I’ve got mine:

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Now, back to waiting on that email.