Non-Laser: ASME Event at Draper Labs



If you are in the Boston area, ASME Boston is having an event at Draper Labs on February 13th! Its open to the public, not just ASME members! Check out some cool tech!


Bummer, I am teaching an ACLS class 4-10pm… Man, that sounds way better than my night, and I am only 10 minutes away teaching…


Somewhere in an alternate live I attended MIT and studied computer sciences in the late 70s and early 80s. I totally missed main frame computing in high school and all its attendant technology and the first five years of the personal computer. But I have finally made peace with this. Getting to know you folks who got to be in on the ground floor or are part of the revolution is exhilarating for me. Vicarious enjoyment or second life experiences, this is a special place to be right now. Thank you all so much for posting so many cool things and enriching my life, even if I can’t get away to attend these events.


The great news is working on an arduino makes you feel like you’re back on a PDP-8 again!