Non proof grade materials

I haven’t ventured away from proof grade material. Has anybody worked with anything like these?
UNIQOOO 3“ Circle Acrylic Ornament, Gold Mirrored, DIY Round Acrylic Blanks, Stocking Tag, Wedding Gift Tags, 20 Pack

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Sure thing, mirrored acrylic cuts just like any other acrylic. There are a lot of posts about it if you want to dig through.

The trickiest part with mirrored acrylic is getting the power just right and avoiding flashback. Luckily there’s a really easy test method to get it dialed in, check out #4:

As for cost… it may be less expensive to buy a sheet of gold mirrored acrylic. Might be worth looking around. 20 3” circles is just about a full gf sized sheet, and you’d have much more control over how to cut a full sheet instead of just rounds.


Oh thank you! I’m excited to read through this. I definitely would prefer a sheet.


This GS2 page has great stuff, including gold mirror acrylic :slight_smile:

I get most of my non-PG stuff from them (they also do wood finished and unfinished)


I buy almost all of my materials from them. And I love the fact that if you call them, they actually answer the phone and any questions you have. I called one night, figuring I would just leave a message to have them call me the next day, and the owner actually answered! Can’t remember if his name is Brett or Brad. Anyway, he was working late. We talked for almost an hour, and he answered some questions I had, and then went ahead and took my order! I also love how quick their shipments are. I usually have my orders within a week, and I’m across the country! Plus, they’re great at shipping my orders UPS, although they use Fed-Ex. (We never get anything that comes via FedEx, as they always deliver to who knows where in our neighborhood.)


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