Non-Proofgrade library?

Sorry if this exists and I just haven’t found it. In various threads there are references to the settings used for non-proofgrade materials, has anyone compiled those settings into a thread or document?

We just got our machine, so definitely excited to explore lots of different materials, I’ll try to keep such a document and if useful will share.


Settings are discussed in the Beyond the Manual Category. A quick search with the name of the material and the word “settings” will usually pull up the information if it is available.


I’m with you - there are many materials I have plans for that are not PG, nor discussed here by others (yet)…

My thought was that instead of people each posting individual efforts, why not have another GoogleDoc XLS that we can all contribute to?

Material, Type (i.e. solid, clear, mirrored), Cut/Score/Engrave?, thickness, mask (top, bottom, both), speed, power, LPI (for engrave)…


Thanks Jules, I’ll look around that sub-forum for some examples.

eflyguy- Agreed, a central place would be a great resource. I need to do more testing before I contribute anything, but will try to document it and perhaps create such a GoogleDoc.

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Actually, more likely it will pull up numerous threads, 99% of which will not have the settings, or which will have settings for the PRU. It will be a long and frustrating search either way.

We really need our own Wiki, separate from this site.


Go for it! :+1:


I had started one, as has another member of the site, but nothing has been shared with the forum at this point; I don’t want to speak for anyone else.

Maybe searching for pews and zooms would work better.

Pews and zooms… It took me a moment, but… awesome.

So docs do exist, may not have been updated recently, but still very helpful.


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I think at least three or four people have started central repositories for settings. As far as I know none of them have really caught on. Most people just make a new post in the #beyond-the-manual category.

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If you are as rabid about this machine as I am, it won’t take long for you to begin to get a ‘feel’ for where to start, and since you should test before you commit your plan to material - instead of spending the time searching for a starting place - I just begin the tests. :thinking:


I am happy to contribute, will even chip in some of my time to edit/moderate, but I am not funding a wiki. Ther were a couple of folks who volunteered already to do that, though, but so far nothing has been released.

That’s an approach I’m taking with various types of exotic hardwood I picked up at Rockler… going to set up a standard design that I can run on a small piece of any material, similar to the engraving test that was shared here recently.

I want to create some detailed, multicolor inlays.