Non-Proofgrade material test requests


Jumping in with a first post so be gentle, please.

For those of you that currently have GF test models:

I’m sure you are all knee deep in your own projects and beta testing but I was wondering if any would be willing to test materials for us here by request?

Specifically, I’m interested in 1) etching Crescent framing matboard on a single vector level. Basically taking off the top layer to show the color/white core. 2) cutting 100% natural wool felt to discern how the edges come out. Are they burned and rough; as I’m thinking of creating something that could be wearable? (



I suspect that the white core wouldn’t be white anymore, if you know what I mean. Cutting the mat board should definitely be an option.

As far as the felt goes - one of the members here tested it on another laser. The Glowforge will be able to do the same - her results are here:


Thanks. First post fail… I searched “felt” not “wool” with no results beyond posters’ “I felt” :smile: before posting so thought I was good.

At this point, any cut edge burning I’m going to use as a design element.



Welcome @cyn! We hardly ever bite. :grin:

I’m curious about the matboard. What is Crescent framing matboard? What are you trying to do? Cut a bevel for framing? Or do you just want the middle section exposed?
You will probably end up with some discolouration, so it might not be pure white anymore, but I’m wondering if a quick, unfocused beam pass could clean it up some.
Unfortunately, I do not have a pre-release. :cry: I’d have been willing to try it out if I did.



Hint* Hint* (cough) – That’s okay, I’m rooting for you, maybe you’ll be next :smile:



I’ll stay away from the favorable or non-favorable biting issue! :smirk:

Crescent is the brand name of the most widely used archival matboard when professionally framing prints. ( It is usually bevel cut to show the white or color core edge. I’m not looking for a bevel cut through but was more thinking of ways to create unique designs with the GF and different types of materials I have access to. So yes, basically a flat engrave to show the core color. And I assume discoloration with anything from the GF and was hoping to incorporate that into any design.

Basically the main point to my post was an opportunity for those of us waiting to have a place where we could request someone with a GF that has the inclination to try materials they may not have thought of.



I noted that @smcgathyfay’s wool was woven and not really true wool felt so it there still is some testing to do on your request. I’ll try to find some 100% wool felt and test it out. I did some polyester felt last week and it was a bit melty and I haven’t gone back with lower power.



Would this be up at Office depot or Office Max?



Oh, this looks like it is too nice to be at those. I’m game for most anything that a) is safe or appears safe and b)shows up on my doorstep. :smile:




If you’re interested, the Aetna felt company site I noted in my original post has the option of ordering 11x11 inch samples of the wool felt rather than by the roll width with a $25 minimum. I’ve been playing with the 5mm and 3mm thickness for what I’m hoping to create with the assumption I can put it in the GF to cut (with what I assume will be quite the smell :smile:).



Im interested in seeing more rubber stamp making stuff!



Glad you joined in. Thanks for the link to a new material site. I’ll be checking out the cork products and some of their felt for special projects. I’m sure it’s much nicer than hobby store felt.



Not that this helps you in any way with your request, but I’m looking forward to experimenting with mat board as well.

What you’re looking at doing is more ornamental engraves/flourishes/decorative additions to a mat, right? Not just cutting out sections, at least…

I think some pretty cool stuff can be done with this. Somewhere here, we have some mat board examples done from @smcgathyfay on a non-Glowforge laser where beyond just cutting she did some engraving and also some masking where she airbrushed the engraved section that turned out nice.

I have no idea of the work you do or the style, but I think some interesting things could be done with multiple mats as well.

I think the trick, for what I think you’re wanting to do, is being able to just kiss the mat to cut that first layer of color out. This might have a chance at working - I know there is a little flexibility/give generally on the paper of the mat (hence the reason they are cut face down with a backing piece of mat beneath).



Heres the link to mat cutting I did.



Not what you asked for, but interesting.
Plastazote shrinks like hell.



You could probably score the outline of the design and peal up the outer color layer, here is a quick test I did with a knife, one on white cor the other on black core. It lifted right out, the cool thing with the laser it would give it a nice black outline!

(excuse my shaky knife skill, I’m only one cup of coffee in this morning)



Nice, this is what I’m looking to do so this is a possible solution as long as the design doesn’t get too intricate. Because nobody wants to spend more time weeding than cutting.

And no worries on the sample since it gets the point across. Last weekend I ended up pouring coffee into my sugar container rather than my cup :smile:. Which only proves I need a cup of coffee to MAKE a cup of coffee.



Thanks for the morning chuckle!



Some days your coffee needs coffee :grinning:



I’m actually looking forward to testing with non-proofgrade once I get my GlowForge. I can come up with a surplus of such materials for projects easily and without breaking the bank. I want to do a bit of everything, so I’m hoping to be able to test and share a lot on such materials. (I don’t have Beta or Pre-Release, though, so will have to wait for Production.)