Non-Proofgrade wood finishing

I’m getting ready to make my first project using non-Proofgrade wood. I plan to paint it with unicorn spit and then seal it with tung oil and Rust-oleum ultra cover matte clear. Will the finishing products add enough thickness that I need to adjust the kerf? Is it better to finish the wood before or after cutting it? I would appreciate any advice.

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I have used painted wood for several projects. I used acrylic paint in my paint gun with watered down paint to make Halloween pumpkins. I finish raw wood with polyurethane.


If you need something to fit absolutely perfectly, it’s worth doing a test with the paint on - but you’re probably talking about differences of maybe .005" to .009" - so if it’s going to be glued together, or backed and framed, or equivalent it shouldn’t matter.


Thank you.

Thank you!