Non-PVC Vinyl?

Has anyone found a vinyl or similar substitute (ideally adhesive) that is laser safe? I found one company (in the UK, I believe) who seems to make a chlorine-free adhesive vinyl, but I suspect they’ll only deal with a wholesale purchase, even if they’re willing to sell/ship to the US.

I have a design I want to put on glass (in black, not etched), but it’s really fine and my Silhouette is tearing it up. In desperation, I can try to mask it and paint it on, but I’d just prefer vinyl.

Any PU vinyl (heat transfer) made by Siser is supposed to be safe to cut in lasers. (Have not tried it myself, but they contain no PVC.)


You can get the Siser stuff from Amazon, and it comes in rolls which is VERY convenient if you have the Pro - you can just pull in the edge and cut what you need without having to slice it up into sheets…


Just to be clear - I’m not sure that all of the vinyl made by Siser is laser safe - you need to check the content of the individual product before you buy - make sure it’s PU. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes indeed!!

Unless you know for sure, don’t put anything in there until you’ve checked it’s composition!


Oh, brilliant. I already have HTV on hand (sheets and rolls, Siser and non). It never even crossed my mind, but it’s pretty obviously a different material than the rest of my vinyl.

I’ll see if I can hunt down info on all the different brands I have and then try to figure out how to kiss-cut it so the backing stays intact. Looks like it’s not really waterproof on glass, but this is for some Christmas ornaments, so hopefully it will hold up!


For others who may be looking. This looks like a good starting spot for settings: