Noobie question? Geometric cuts

I’m being brain dead. I downloaded a geometric elephant svg from etsy and want to cut it out. I placed on the gui of the glowforge and set it to cut 1/8 baltic birch. It cut out all the triangles. I want the lines not cut out. What do I have to do?
Thanks, not thinking clearly.


Create a new outline and set that to cut, and the original to score…


As Tim said, create another outline, but do it in a different color than the rest of the design so it will be represented in the glowforge as a separate operation. Then you can choose different settings for each.


If it’s all single path vectors, then you still will have to figure out what to do with the inner lines… You might have to widen and then convert stroke to path to get an engravable filled object. Or you could score if you are ok with thinner lines.

Then you have to have a separate path for the outline for the whole object.

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