Normal Laser Look for Tile?

Hey all, I’m posting this in beyond the manual, but let me know if ya’ll think I should change it.

So far I’ve only messed around with woods, leather, and acrylic. Today I did two small (2in x 2in) ceramic tiles, one with a semi-gloss glaze, one with matte. I used the settings: 1000 speed, full power, 450 lpi. Both of them had a brighter and taller laser tail than I was expecting. I did a little digging, and couldn’t find anyone else talking about the laser’s behaviour. If it was my own device I don’t think I’d be quite as nervous, but since this is in a public space, I wanted to double-check with others and make sure it’s just me being a nervous nelly.

Link to video:

That’s a pretty accurate footage of what it looks like.

As long as you use the set focus tool or accurately measure the material thickness, you should be fine. The glaze on the tiles is reflective, but not damaging to the laser.

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Yeah, that looks about right :slight_smile:

You should watch the sparks fly when doing Corian at high power. Looks cool in the dark.

Thanks! I get a bit squeamish when working with something that I don’t own, always afraid I’m going to break something. This helped a lot.


Cut some Delrin. It makes little explosive puffs of blue flame and a soft popping noise that will freak you out the first time you hear it (or at least, it freaked me out).