Norton method

I have done 2 tiles using this method but different settings. The second one just speeded up the process with the same results. Question of the day. I tried lacquer thinner on the first one but all it seemed to do was make the tile sticky. Is paint thinner the better option ? Do I need to soak it ? I’ve looked through many posts but no one seems to cover the paint removal process

You need to clean the paint all the way off. then it is not sticky. Lacquer is great for poison ivy it takes the oil right out.

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Come to think of it… I don’t remember what I used to remove the paint. The only thing I have here to do so is probably just 99% isopropyl alcohol. But any paint thinner should work fine. As j_trexler said, just make sure it’s all off.

The other part; I tried fast and high power but there’s a point where it doesn’t work I think. Only times I got really good results while testing in that original thread was slow and low power. I’m sure there’s a sweet spot there but I personally didn’t bother finding out what it was once I got good results.


Yes, paint thinner (mineral spirits) will take it off.


thanks so much !

Check out the last line:


Dec '20

I just looked back at the setting I used for this tile:


This is a porcelain tile from Home Depot. They come 9 to a sheet.
I applied 2 coats of Rustoleum flat white paint about 20 minutes apart then let that dry for an hour or so.
Speed = 250
Power = 30
Convert to dots
LPI = 340
Scrub off the excess white paint using paint thinner.


Thank you

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ya that’s what I used. BTW, there is a “new” non smelly version of Mineral Spirits.