Norton White Tile Method

The Norton White Tile Metod post has officially been derailed (or should I say de-warped) into a Star Trek fans discussion. :joy:
“Make it so.”


Hey @primal_healer, can you share your belt cleaning method? I just did a visual inspection and mine look really crappy. Is it something I can do without taking the belts off?

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Not sure if mine is a good one or not but what i did was remove the x belt from the plate brushed it down and cleaned with soapy water and a tooth brush. I;m sure there is a better method out there just didn’t have the time to search for it.

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That’s about all you can do, any solvent will likely attack the material.

I have small soft nylon bristle brush attachments for a dremel and have used it to clean similar belts on my x-carve, but never on the GF.


I am anxious to try and laser green clay that will take the heat-shock and still hold together. Raku clays specialize in this but are meant to cool quickly and not heat quickly.

However, if the green clay can be lasered to metasilicate and the green clay surrounding it made soft and washed away, pieces of incredible intricacy could be produced :grin:


I would be interested in outcome of green clay experiment.


Latest tile i made for my uncle, it is his recipe my grandma stole and put in her cookbook. Hard to decide how to fill out the sides of the tile as the aspect ratio is a bit of a pain and doesn’t match up to many tiles i have available. I think my uncle will like it either way tho.


Wow, that is awesome! I am sure he will love it!!


A heirloom piece to be sure, that just rocks. :heart: