Norton White Tile Method

Just a couple more tests. the top ones were done before scrubbed all my belts clean and tensioned them correctly. Both tiles are 6"x6"


Bottom right one looks perfect. Bottom left still has a little bit of banding on it. It’s odd that I don’t see any banding on mine at all.

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Those look amazing, even with the slight banding!


Bottom right is just a closer up pic of the bottom left. starting to think that there might be something amiss with my machine but will exhaust all other avenues first.

Thx :slight_smile: the Escher one is my best result so far I think.


Settings for those lase two were 250zoom, 13pew, 450lpi, ctd


That’s why I was asking about the period of the banding, in relation to the belt tooth spacing.

At the speed the head is moving, I don’t think it would matter, but there’s no good reason for it be caused by the power supply.

… unless there is a natural harmonic going on between the PSU and the tube itself. It seems to only show up in less-than-full-power areas - where PWM or similar is likely going on.


When i cleaned by belt on the x axis it seems pretty dry, and not very flexible compared to the ones on the y. I swapped the x belt end for end when I cleaned it as well hoping that maybe it would clear things up. From the photos i posted before it has nearly an identical period compared to the teeth on the X belt so one would assume it is some part of that system like the belt/ stepper or controller of some sort.

The X belt takes a beating, it would be great to compare a new vs. used to see if it’s having any effect.

Belts are a lot easier to source than the wheels… (hint hint…)


240 zoom, 13 pew, 450 lpi, CTD


We never saw a pool!!

(did we??)


The halosuite. Premiere show, tippy rocks and someone falls in. Riker meets Data for the first time.

Wrong ship, methinks…


Not sure if we seen the bowling alley either but maybe lol


The first was a lot more primitive. More like current military vessels, efficiency and scale over comfort. Easier on the set builders too!

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When Riker first meets data he is on the holodeck. This one is the ship of one James T. Kirk

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Just a FYI to anyone making these tiles, There seems to be a huge demand at hardware/ building centers for custom tile work. Been in meetings the last few days getting ready to supply at least one store in my town. Might be worth looking into.


Methinks a pool is a bad idea on a star ship, even one with artificial gravity. Which begs the question, is the artificial gravity uniformly down or does it pull towards a central point? Because if you are trying to make that spare on the bowling alley it could matter.


If it pulled towards a central point, not only would that be problematic in an x-y-z environment, but it would be a real issue for the set builders. They have to have solved gravity and inertia or all the rear walls would get real messy every time they accelerated to light speed in a couple of seconds.


“Inertial dampers” are standard on all Federation starships :wink: