Nostalgic Rear View Mirror Decor


Hi everyone. This weekend I am going to visit a friend from college. I had some free time this morning, so I decided to throw together a little gift to take along. Back in college my friend dubbed his car the Shaguar. It was definitely a misnomer for the jeep he kept parked outside of the honors science dorm, but he loved it. So I made him a rear view mirror accessory for the current Shaguar.

It is about 3.5" wide, and 2" tall; hopefully it is small enough not to create a blind spot.


I love it! He will be thrilled!


That’s hilarious and awesome!


Oh, behave!

Very cool piece.


Thats awesome…did you do a color fill or did it etch that well??


Yeah, I just etched it. No color fill needed.


What acrylic is that? The engrave came out a great color, now that I know it’s not filled.


The Dude Abides.


It’s blue acrylic. I realize now that the photo makes the engrave look bright blue, but it is more white in person.


that’s gorgeous!

Here in the greater Seattle / Olympia area, we have an organization called SHAG (Senior Housing Assistance Group) and I giggle every time I walk by the SHAG senior housing signs downtown. From their website, it’s pretty clear that SHAG as an acronym was a conscious choice. That’s just so Seattle / Olympia - :v: :kiss: