Not a designer? Need designs to make and sell?

Hey guys. I am not sure if I can post this here, so please remove it if this is not appropriate. I do not have Facebook or any other social media (personal choice) to sell my stuff but I do have an ETSY store that you can visit (

That said, here are some ideas that I am selling today for upcoming holidays…

Napkin Rings: Ghosts, Skull & Tombstone, Bats & Tombstone
Bowties: Halloween Patterns

Napkin Rings: Turkey & Leaf

Napkin Rings: Santa Gnome, Snofwlake & Gingerbread Man
…and more!

I also do custom designs (for a fee) so if you have something in mind you can reach out for help.


Almost all the designs you can find here are for just what you want to do. As you need to be a part of the Glowforge owners, to access this list the competition from those owning other brands of lasers will not be competing.

Also if you sign up for the premium service you can save perhaps thousands of dollars as almost all the designs are “free” if you have premium, over paying for them individually. If you are using that to make things to sell, that is the biggest value in premium, though you will find a great many other extra abilities.


You should add your shop link to your profile so anytime you post here someone can click on your picture and get the link.

Straight up advertising posts are frowned upon here, but as an introduction post I personally think you’re good.


I am probably more hard nosed than others around here. But the gist is, you are not allowed to advertise on here in any of the categories. But as @deirdrebeth pointed out, you are welcome to add your shop link to your profile so people can still find your shop.
As far as posts go, there are really 2 categories for that. If you want to show us pictures (not advertisements) of what you have created, you can put that on Made on Glowforge category. If you want to share files, there is a Free Laser Files category where you can add or collect any files you see there. But, your photos should not look like they are advertisements for your files. If people are interested in products you have created, they can get to them easy enough by clicking on your profile.


I read too quickly and misunderstood your point. My answer is exactly what I wrote for anyone who needs designs to make and sell and I expect that the number and creativity of a hundred Glowforge folk in that group might be a better and cheaper option. Many of us also have shops on Etsy or other outlets and you can find those shops where they have recommended you provide the link to for yours.


Thanks all of you for your comments here and suggestions. I really appreciate that you take time and explain what is the right way, and adding my shop link to my profile is a great solution.
Thanks again.


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