Not a Gatling gun drone but it may fly

Not the nicest build as it is my first attempt on this (firsts always lack for me) but I think it will fly.
It took me figuring out some things to make the parts that are larger than the bed but once I got that,things proceded nicely.
The airframe is all :glowforge: cut Adams foam board.


That is just beautiful! :heart_eyes:
(So that’s what you’ve been working on…can’t believe how well it turned out!)


Would really like to see it fly if you can get it to! Will it be remote controlled?

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So cool. Be sure to let us know how it handles in the sky!

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Way cool! need a video of flight!

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Yes, it is Remote Control.

will do.

I’ll try but my luck with the GoPro has not been great so far.

Nice job! Can’t wait to see it in action. And it’s pretty cool to see so many lasered organizing aids in this photo—they’re everywhere!


Wow! Excellent work!

That is why I am in love with making and the :glowforge:, but to be fair, the paper towel and masking paper holders were made with a cnc router.

Awesome plane. Looking forward to video.

You are lucky, you get better as time passes!!! My first try is usually my best, then it is just downhill from there…

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Have you been watching those FliteTest guys? They seem to build a lot of their own planes.


Yup, this is a derivative of one of theirs. They are great about providing free plans.
With a little prep they cut great on the :glowforge:

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Looks like the bloody baron from the Flite Test guys. I hope so because I want to use my glowforge (if it ever shows up) for cutting out some of their free plans and seeing how this one turned out is encouraging.

This is a variant of the Bloody Baron called the Bloody Brit. Same plane with a bit of a different look.

When you get your unit feel free to message me if you have any trouble converting plans. I published a generic overview in tips and tricks earlier today.

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