Not a Glowforge video

but I think they’re very complementary tools. I made this recently about the Shaper Workstation, a work-holding accessory for the Shaper Origin. Figured it might be of some interest around these parts, given that lasers and routers and CNC go together. And for me, the hardest part of any project is often figuring out how to clamp down the material. I found this thing and all of its little whatsits and doodads fascinating.


I won’t watch the video again as I have already watched it.
I’ll just say that I’ve never seen two smart tools that complement each other better.
When an idea of mine starts forming into a reality in Fusion 360 (usually) I have to ask early on, Glowforge, Shaper Origin, or 3d printer?

Great!!! Another thing for me to covet!


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