Not A Hanger Clothing Hook

I recently purchased a lovely old wardrobe. The bar for hangers is about ¼" instead of about 1".
Hangers are very useful items, but also quite annoying, at least for me.
So, I set out to make some hooks for my clothing to use on this small bar.
I couldn’t hand draw a curve that I liked, so this is based on either a 6 or a 9 from some font set - can’t remember which one. I shaped it a bit more, making sure that the bar fit through the space at the top and that the dip at the bottom was not annoyingly deep.
Now that I have made this, I can see it being useful for hanging things from wire shelves too. I made mine from Proofgrade Maple. The seem to be sturdy enough for the job, make getting and putting away clothing much easier and have been “hanging out” about a day now.
The design nestles quite well with itself and if you put it on a slight diagonal you can get 8 in one pass.
I hope you can find a use for it!
Not A Hanger Clothing Hook


Nice practical cut. Thanks for sharing it.


Great idea, especially if someone has older wardrobes which can’t take large modern hangers depth-wise. Thanks for the share!


Always good to have another hook!
I have added a few here and made more as well for specific situations.


Thanks for the share. Multiple uses for it!


I can see that wire shelves concept working from your clip, but turning clothes 90 degrees in a wardrobe seems odd. Maybe a picture would clarify?

It does limit the amount of weight you can apply to the 1/4 inch rod, so maybe not as odd as it seems in my minds eye.


I have bunches of sleeveless summer dresses and the hook goes through both arm holes. Hangers would allow more clothing, but I can see better and grab them better this way.


I’d love to see a photo!