Not broken any more


Grandma gave Daddy’s old marble chase game to the kids. 36 hours later someone stepped on one of the really fun elements.

If I hadn’t been gluing Glowforge-cut acrylics, I would not have the solvent that is better than CA glue. First thing in the toy’s favor.

The mend was a touch unsightly. Further, the 30-year old plastic has some hairline cracks as well. Good thing I have read 165,000 posts on this forum, and therefore knew of the existence and had even used Sugru. Have some packets in my fridge, even.

Now, to top it all off, we can make that patch disappear by turning it into a graphic element. Luckily, I have scads of scrap acrylic and a laser.

Ready for marbles.


Better! Much better! :grinning::+1:


What a great solution!


SO clever…so innovative! I just love finding solutions to stuff like this. Great job!


Nicely done!!!


It’s time for fun!


Clever fix! Looks like the game will last another generation :slight_smile: