Not cutting through any material even proofgrade

I’m pretty new with all of this and never had to many issues until now. My GF won’t cut through anything. Even proof grade materials…I’ve tried all different types of proof grade as well as birch plywoods. It just gives the wood and outline or cut. Never all the way through. The cut is consistent and looks beautiful just not through the wood.

I’ve tried tons of different settings and have cut through these materials a bunch of times before this, so I know my settings are OK. I cleaned everything. Lenses, crumbs tray etc. and made sure its even and level and evems et forcus. Any help would be appreciated as I’m said I’m super new to this but running of patience and want to cryyyyyy!!!

Do you have a picture of your settings?

You said you cleaned your lens. Check to be sure it’s in correctly. It’s possible to put it in upside down and that would change the focus, preventing proper cutting.

The lens need to go in like a bowl, glass down cup up. More recent machines have arrows on the lens that should be inserted pointing up.


There are 7 total optical bits to clean, and the air assist and exhaust fans. All are important to getting successful cuts. Every bit of dust on the optics or not blown out of the cut path is light from the laser not making it to your material to cut through it. Make sure you follow the cleaning guides fully. If your machine is not brand new, you may want to take the air assist fan off the plate to fully clean both sides of it as well.

Cleaning the optics:

Cleaning the air assist:


Have you tried PG settings? A lot of new folks get so focused on the ability to do manual stuff that they go off into the weeds on settings.

What exactly are you trying that isn’t working. What is the material, what are the settings, are you using hold down pins or magnets to hold it flat, etc.?

The best way to troubleshoot this is for you to print the Gift of Good Measure (it’s in your dashboard) on a piece of PG wood. Post pictures of the front and back, and preferably post a picture of your entire GFUI from the list of commands on the left to the name of your machine on the right.

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