Not dead, made a thing

Haven’t been posting a lot lately, but I’m having a lot of fun with paint and acrylic. Mostly for a project I can’t share yet, but I did make this Christmas present for my roommate’s family:

Purple was a mistake - I should have stuck to earth tones on this one. But the recipients loved it, so I’m not gonna beat myself up.


Very cool engraving! Can you walk us through the process? To me it looks like you first painted the wood, then engraved the dog; but I can’t figure out how you got it to be pale instead of dark, unless the type of wood did that.


Very artistic! I like the unusual POV on the pup, and I think it looks good with the reddish purple tones. :sunglasses::+1:


I love that this doesn’t just scream “laser engraved plywood”. Beautiful work.


I like the purple. The colors are cool but don’t take away from the dog. I haven’t seen anything like this thanks for sharing. Well done.

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Correct on almost every count!

(It’s not wood. I painted a sheet of acrylic)


Ohhhhh, that is even cooler! I learned a new technique! Thanks for sharing.


It might have been more obvious with the sun behind it.

(This is flipped around - the bottom layer is
all black)

(Layers are key, btw – some patience required to get a solid coat if you’re doing this by hand. Spray paint is probably faster, but there’s obviously less control.)


This looks outstanding. The detail is great. :grinning:


Very, very cool!

Sometimes, the paint is too thick here and there, and I end up with color overlap into the cleared area. I think it works on this one.

And sometimes, unplanned color placement adds a tinge of horror.

(I swear, this dog hasn’t tasted human flesh.)

It works a lot better when backlit. That just seems to darken and unify all of the painted material.

(Sadly, no backlit pics for you. I lost the daylight, and those are wrapped up for a birthday party now)

But, yeah. Dark colors are a better move than fleurescents. Good to know…