Not engraving all parts

Please help. It’s only my second day having the glow forge. I’ve made other things that turned out fine but now this is happening. It’s mostly the engaged text but the date is also getting messed up

Script text will need to be converted to outlines and combined before it will engrave solid. What happens is, the overlapping areas of the vector letters cancel out.


Could you elaborate how to do that. I thought all I needed to do with the letters was go on ink scape select the letters then click path then object to path to be able to engrave

Halfway there. After that select it and Path > Union.

Thanks for the help but didn’t work

In Inkscape, you might need to Break the Group and Ungroup a few times on the Text before you try to Union it. (Inkscape is not my poison of choice, so what you need to do is get it down to individual letters being selectable, then you select them all together and Path> Union. It will combine them into one word-shaped path.)


ill give it a try thank you so much for continuing to help me!

You’d be better off with one of the Inkscape gurus, but I’m what’s available at the moment. :smile:
(So good luck! You might need it.)

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Jules is correct.

When you select the text (or select anything) look at the bottom of the screen and it should tell you what you have selected. If it says “x objects of type path selected” Then you’re ready to do Path->union.

If it says that one or more groups are selected then you need to ungroup them (control-shift-G). It should be just one ungroup but after you do it look at the bottom of the screen again. Does it still say you have a group selected? Ungroup it again until it doesn’t before you Union the paths.

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I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag! As @jules and @evansd2 pointed out, due to the style of text you are attempting to print, you may need to “Break the Group” and “Ungroup” the text multiple times before attempting to “Union” the text. This can be a different process depending on the design software you’re utilizing, but I hope it helps.

Please let us know if this helps to resolve the trouble you’re experiencing, or if you run into the same snag after working through the instructions.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you, so I’m going to close this post.

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