Not Enough File Sharing , Lets Go I'll Start This Ball Rolling. Here's Some John Wick's Stuff!

Here is a few “BABA-YAGA” for ya…

Nowhere near the files being added that use to be from everyone. I know it takes time and a few min to get it done but lets go people sharing is caring!!! lol! :blush:
generated (1)
generated (2)
generated (3)


Nice! You gotta do what you can with what you can for sure!


Hi, I would love to see the finished products. All the media you use. :heart:

Do you know the story of how they messed up with the term Babayaga? I sure caught a laugh watching it when they said that! And here I am thinking of John Wick as a witchy old lady :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

(they were supposed to say babaika)


Absolutely I’ll post the stuff that I’ve done so far out of those photos I’ve come up with some pretty cool stuff I’ll post them tomorrow

Cool, my favourite actor! :+1: Thank you :slight_smile:

very welcome!

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Here are some of my works in progress from the Wick files.


These are amazing! What settings are you using to get three different layers of burn/not burn?

thank you. I used draft photo and turn down the burn speed by 10% sometimes 20% just depending also I use draft graphics and if I noticed that the burn is too dark I just did the same thing toned it down by 10 or 20%. and don’t forget to judge your depth or 3D depth. on your pattern density scale and of course the deeper you want the burn the darker you slide it I think to do those ideas around 25% maybe 30% bringing the scale in from the left because you can actually bring it in from both sides but I left the right side alone and where it was at. hope that helps some.

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to funny

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Thank you for the files!! I love John Wick and he is even more stunning in wood!!

your very welcome

Thank you so much for all the details! I will have to try it out soon! I have to get some custom jobs wrapped up first.

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