"Not enough room on the truck..."

Been anxiously awaiting the delivery. I had it shipped to my work, so I took a bus across town on my day off to wait for it. Was going to arrange a ride with it home…

I see the UPS truck down the street. I’m vibrating with excitement as the driver pulls up to tell me that they couldn’t fit it on the truck with the other deliveries.

I got a shaky “maybe” brush-off re: if it will arrive later tonight or tomorrow.



Oh I don’t know how you didn’t go boom right then and there. Can you pick it up at the warehouse maybe?


Ummm… So F the other deliveries and you get yours! Why are you the one screwed here?!


Attempting that now. The center is not close at all. This will be a very expensive UberXL ride.


I believe in the UPS effect: whatever the worst scenario that can happen will happen in transit.


Funny that this would be my tarot card pull for the day

If you know tarot… this is a pretty sad card to pull.


Oh, that’s horrible! Sorry to hear it. Can you go to the UPS facility?

NOOOO! That is lame, sorry to hear that. So close!

That’s some BS right there. I’d be furious. Hope you get it tonight.

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Another quality job by UPS!


That’s some “failure to meet your promised delivery obligations and I want a rebate on shipping charges” BS aimed at UPS, if you ask me.


There’s more to this story, and I don’t have time to get into it right now, because I NOW HAVE MY GLOWFORGE!!!

(and now it won’t power on.)


(liking the former, not the latter. FWIW)


So I called UPS and told them that I would come to the center and pick it up myself, which they confirmed and said it was fine.
My friend accepts my request for transportation, and she carts me to New Orleans East (if you know New Orleans, this is not near where I was downtown)
The moment I walk into the UPS and start talking to the clerk, my phone rings. It’s UPS. They didn’t realize that even though I’d said to hold and the center for pickup, someone took the GF and put it on another truck and sent it to my workplace.
SO… had to go all the way back to work and then wait another 30 minutes before the driver came and VERY roughly took the box off the truck… Definitely dropped it about 12 inches onto the rolling cart. Dents and scratches everywhere (on the box, not the GF)
Then it wouldn’t power on… But it has since then and it seems like it’s okay so far… I hope this isn’t a case of a faulty power supply, but we’ll see.


Wouldn’t be surprised if PCB or cable internally was dislodged or is loose inside.

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Congratulations…and I hope your trials and tribulations around its arrival are now done :sweat_smile:

Ugh! Thats just mean.

omg - and a sad card to look at!

Sorry! Hope your Glowforge is amazing and you will pull an amazing card today!

“In other news, a UPS driver was found unconscious beside his truck.” The last thing he remembers was a teal colored lightning strike."


Hahahah, it’s actually unprecedented in my personal life, but I pulled the 10 of swords AGAIN. Twice in a row… is kind of double sad?

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