Not GF related, but filter related - Wildfires

So amazon “lost” our air filters and we can’t order any. Do you think I could use my compact filter in the house to clean air? What square footage do you think it would do?

If you run it with no hose connected, smokey air will go in the hole, and less smokey air will come out.

Since it’s not rated for that application, I don’t think you can get specs on how effective it is, but oher people have done this, at least for one room at a time. It seems to work. I would probably do it if I had nothing else available.

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For what it’s worth, products like this:

seem to still be available. This is not an endorsement, I don’t have one, but I have heard people speak highly of them. The filter I have is an Austin Air HealthMate, but those do appear to be out of stock.


Well, there’s this:


Thanks! I was on the phone with amazon for way too long. It looks like they can get me a filter in the next week. That is probably what I should have ordered off the bat.

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Can confirm, running compact filter in a slightly smoky house cleared things up dramatically within 20 min.


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