Not lining up! Still :(

I have been talking with support for close to 10 days now. I have recalibrated my machine. They say it looks awesome. But I still have problems not lining up.

I have to keep making jigs to print my orders. This is time consuming and frustrating. I am at my wits end with this. Not knowing where to go next. SO reaching out here to see if someone knows why my GL is acting up.

I just did a test and it came out perfect. I put my material to run it and it off. Never moved the jig.

Ready to pull my hair out! I work with a partner and I am tired of telling her about my GF problems. She has never had a problem with her.

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Based on what I see here…

…I fear that you may not understand how “jigs” work.

I’d expect to see an “Ignore” on the artwork that cuts the outlines of your leather bands. It may be time to review the “jig” instructions that you are using—or post the link here. :sunglasses:

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What is your jig cutting, band engraving process?

I understand HOW a jig works. I was just showing the numbers and how it aligned up. I had not changed those yet.

The jig is cut with pg draft board. The jig is for silicone watch bands. Lately I have to cut a new jig everyday. Once I do that. I test my designs downloaded from Silhouette, using a template. I make sure everything is lined up before sending over to GF. I always test on wood first. Which I did this time to, it was great and I placed the material in without moving the jig. It was off, which I don’t understand if it was lined up just seconds before.

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I’d suggest that you list in detail your steps here to see if anyone can spot a problem with your sequence. For example, I don’t understand why you are engraving the band artwork on the draftboard jig? That’s time consuming and not needed at all. :sunglasses:

It is time consuming. I have to test before I waste product.

I wonder if “auto focus” might be causing the problems that you are seeing? Maybe someone here has an idea? I’d think that you’d need to manually fix the focus and not let the Glowforge “autofocus” each time after you open the lid and place the bands to be engraved! :sunglasses:

First I upload the designs into Silhouette using a template. Then make sure it is all lined up, using the tools to help with that. Then send to GF. I also always download a new template with every new order process. I then in GF open the file, put the coordinates in. I double check those to make sure the numbers are correct. Pick the material, and switch things to ignore, score or engrave. I have test piece in first to test out. Usually if all lined up, I put the material in and hit go. I also set focus every time.

I used to do that, lately I always set focus on the jig around the designs making sure not to let it be in a cut area.

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I am not sure why this isn’t working for you. You should not have to cut a jig every day. It should be a one and done thing. Create the outline of the watchband and the artwork in the same file. Upload the file to the Glowforge. Place your jig material in a repeatable way - say in the lower right hand corner and along the front of the honeycomb tray. Use the set focus tool near the place you intend to place your design. Set your design engrave to ignore. Set the outline of the watch band to cut and perform the cut. Remove the cut out material and place the watchband in the void. Set the cut line to ignore and input your engrave settings for the band. Engrave the watchband. Next week when you want to do another band, place the jig in the exact same place on the bed, upload the artwork, ignore the cut line and engrave the band.

Customer service said try setting the focus in the same spot every time. So trying that to see how it work. It did not work with the last engraving.

You would think that would work. It used to, seems like the last month or so I have had this problem. I moved my GF thinking that was the problem. I uploaded the table it on now. Very sturdy and does not move.

I have enough test piece for the next year to start fires with. It is crazy!

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Very frustrating! I think I remember when “auto focus” was not a thing. Computers are not always better at doing things than humans—although they are a lot more “reliable”! :slight_smile:

A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy. — Joseph Campbell


I have a lot bigger jig also I have stop cutting, since it been a waste of material. I can engraved 13 bands on it. This smaller is just less to waste

fwiw, you can use a more disposable material for jigs if you’re going through a lot of them. i make mine out of cardboard (amazon boxes).


I believe that your engravings are slightly off placement-wise because the jig material that you are using is not the same thickness as the watch bands where they are being engraved.

The only way to fix that that I know of is to use a different material for the jig that is the same thickness as the watch bands. Cardboard may be your best bet…look around to see if you can find something about that thickness. (Going to be a lot cheaper too.)

That alignment appears to be pretty close…if you want perfect, try a different jig material. Same thickness as the watch strap.


I have tried all type of material, thick & thin it does not matter.

I have never tried cardboard. The thought of paper in there freaks me out. I am about to try though. What settings do you use for cutting cardboard with.