Not pre-release something something

You know all those cool threads where somebody says “Pre-release: something something” and then both makes you happy and sad by showing you something cool they made with a tool you don’t have? (Happy because its evidence that somebody is making laser cutters that work at least once, sad because it’s not yours.)

So, seeing as it is April, is anyone else hitting F5 and searching the community everyday for a post like that, but titled “Production Unit: something something”? Here’s hoping for seeing pics of the first cut by the first paid for and owned by somebody other than Glowforge laser cutter.


I have the feeling that we will be well informed when the first production unit is received.


I hear you, although I am looking for more prerelease units and won’t start looking for production and real shipping until at the earliest July 1. In the meanwhile, I am always willing to work with folks who want to test a design or concept out, so if you have something, let me know. Anything to help people keep the spirit up and continue to get ready.


I’m looking verrrry closely for my prerelease unit, although I’d be happy with a production one too. :slight_smile:


Ditto. Especially after next week (gotta finish taxes).


I’m sorry…if it helps, the guilt is strong in me :frowning:

But I will keep doing what I can to at least supply you with the happy part, from more & more things made…

Just wish it wasn’t Tax Season; I’d have a lot more time to make a lot more stuff…

I’ve got at least 4 projects floating around in my head…


I’m with you @markwal. While happy for the pre-releasers I know I won’t get one (Canada) so I’m resigned to hoping production units ship sooner than later. I doubt we’ll see any ship in April, based on the fact that new pre-releases are still showing up, but I also think that if they don’t start shipping them until July there will be issues as they’ll have to send out a couple thousand a week to meet the current end of July deadline. If that date has shifted again I’d hope they’re more upfront about it than they have been in the past with deadline shifts. While I really appreciate people willing to test things most of my projects involve the Glowforge as a part of the process. I just finished some wands I wanted to try putting laser etched lichtenburg fissures on… can’t do that. I’m in the middle of making pickleball paddles for the office and I would love to etch designs on them for everyone… can’t to that. I just decided to work through my project list and not put things off any longer in the hopes the lasers would start shipping. The projects just aren’t quite as nice as I’d hoped they would be with the laser involved.


You & me both. I have 2 kids, 1 father-in-law and my own (with wife) that I have to do returns for. At least it’s not my job - those folks have to have a real love/hate thing going on with this time of year.


If you want to ship some stuff down here, I’d be glad to help you with some cutting/engraving. If I’m good, I’ll setup a live webcam feed so you can watch what I’m doing and how it’s going :slight_smile:


Yeah, on one hand I want one bad, a pre-release that is. Then I think that I have waited this long, I guess it isn’t much further for release units. (we hope) and I would hate to have to ship back the pre-release if it was just having it for a few weeks.

I will just hope to get the first production model that doesn’t go to staff/founders ;D


That is exactly why I chose to specialize in financial analysis, rather than tax or audit. I feel a little guilty when everyone else is running around during year end… but only a little… :slight_smile: .


Thanks. If it comes to June and still no laser I’ll definitely take you up on that. A co-worker is heading to a couple of weddings this summer and I really want to help her out with some personalized gifts.

You know how most barbers have long hair? lol

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Yep. It’s difficult to even explain how badly I need/want my units. I have now deleted numerous files I had made for the holidays, birthdays, retirements, and memorials. The moments pass by quick, but the wait drags on. My students projects are being presented next week, we had to come up with alternate designs or farm stuff out. I’ve had to sit in multiple meetings that are planning out our next maker-spaces, and I always get the awkward question about when the laser cutter is arriving (from upper tier people) and try to defend my opinion in investing in more Glowforges for the future. To save future disagreements with the wife, I’m selling my motorcycles to try and pay down the loan I took out for my personal unit so that it doesn’t continue bogging down our financials. It’s painful, but I’m still hopeful that this will all be a blip in time soon.


Ugh, I’m sorry - those are uncomfortable situations and hard sacrifices. This may come as cold comfort, but for whatever it’s worth, I really think it will be worth the wait if you are able to hang in.

Please don’t take that as mindless cheerleading. I had to make some big sacrifices also, and the wait was beyond inconvenient … but just based on my minimal experiments thus far, I can see that this product will be worth all of that for me/my business.