Not really exciting but when you have a GF do as the GF'rs do

So when your leather stamp foam goes from looking like the 1st pic to looking like the 2nd pic over time and you own a GF. You figure away to make things better! Again not ground breaking but just another handy way we used the GF around the house today.


I love trying to make practical things with the GF


Me too! Love the practical projects! :grinning:

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I totally tried to over-think what kind of pattern-stamping you might be doing on leather using big foam stamps, until I scrolled down.
This is way more practical than the mess I was imagining.


Nice solution. :sunglasses:


Thanks. These are for just the ones that are being sold and shipped so that they don’t flop all over and get damaged. The ones we are keeping we are going to make a draftboard version that will sit at an angle. Because cardboard has a little give these are cut smaller so that there is some retention but the draftboard version will need some sizing for it to work.

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Lovely! - you should post a link into: Practical cuts


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Excellent use of a Glowforge, in my book! I’ve probably made more practical things than artistic things, and I would never have been able to do it before since I don’t have a tool shop.


Love all things practical! Nice!

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