Not recognizing proofgrade material

Hey Everyone, i just received my glowforge a few days ago and im running into some issues. ive been only using proofgrade material but everytime i hit print it tells me that im using unidentified material and wont let me continue past that. Anyone else have the same issue and how was it resolved? I already contacted support but I figured the community would respond a little faster lol
Also, what if I decided i wanted to use non proofgrade materail, is the machine not going to allow that? really bummed about everything at this point!

The warning is just a warning. You can always manually set the material in the upper left of the UI.

When was the last time you cleaned your machine? Your lid camera lens might be dirty, which can lead to an inability to read the barcode.

There’s a help page that describes the cleaning process of you haven’t seen it. Let us know and someone will dig it up.

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Are you selecting your material? If so, ignore the warning, use the set focus tool and carry on.

If you click into any of the PG settings to look at them, and then don’t use the little back arrow to go back, they become “manual” settings even if you didn’t change them, and it makes that warning show up. You can tell if that’s happened, because your thumbnails on the left will have numbers below them instead of just “cut,” “score,” etc.

You can pick your material from a drop down list if the camera does not pick up the QR code, or if the QT code has been cut away &etc. Not a reason to be bummed out for really. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks ! I just got the machine 3 days ago and I’ve printed a couple things but I did clean out the lens when I first got it. I will take a look at the cleaning guide and hopefully keep it in hand.

I will have to take a look at this, this actually might be my problem. Thanks for point that out. I’m going to test it out tomorrow.

I was trying everything but even with that the warning sign wouldnt go away or let me print. Hopefully tomorrow is new day and I’m gonna try a few tips thats ive gotten thanks

Hmm, the warning nevers prevents a print for me. (Ithink…)

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Correct. It’s just a legal thing.

im still stuck on this lol the warning sign keeps popping up and near the print button it just says uploading and it never seems to go any further? any ideas why this might happen? am i missing anyting

OK, it won’t upload the file - I believe that is the actual problem. Try something really simple, preferably a file you have used successfully before…

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