Not Recommended GF Usage


So apparently this is a thing. If weed is legal for you stick to matches or lighters.

Again, don’t try this at home.


What a waste of a good laser…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I guess this would be one of the few times you would want to vent into the room instead of outside. Can we call it green forging a room?

It’s times like this that we have laser bongs but still don’t have my flying car… Someone has their priorities wrong.




“As the year 2017 begins, we feel confident in saying that more blasering will occur and be posted online for posterity. To all those involved, have fun. Enjoy the collision of powerful futuristic technologies and libertarian drug policy (at least for now). And maybe think about wearing eye protection.

Understated last line!!!


or do… :wink:

I was sort of hoping for a ridiculous laser bong but he’s just using it as a high-tech lighter, the same way you can use a wick to avoid butane contamination. Still, it’s funny.

Oh my god, he lights the joint from several feet away while his buddy holds it in his mouth. No protective eyewear.

ok i stand corrected, these two at least are idiots

on the other hand, i definitely don’t want the glowforge to hotbox my office


Me too, but that thought was quickly put aside.


Maybe someone could build a new head for the expansion port…

For the record I stopped smoking pot years ago. I just always found the rediculous engineering stoners used to find new ways to smoke to be really fun.


Market opportunity for the design store - a GF Pot Smoker that you leave in the forge with a personal exhaust.

Potentially large market for Proofgrade - a whole new meaning!!!