Not so computer savvy

I was emailed an eps file to engrave but can’t figure out how to make it so I can engrave it. Any suggestions for this not so computer savvy lady!? I use Inkscape but it won’t import the file. It is telling me that it can’t upload the file. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Try googling “eps to svg”. There’s a site called cloudconvert that can translate most anything.

I just checked, sure enough:

Sometimes the conversion fails but it usually works. Worth a shot.


I don’t think you will be able to use it in Inkscape. That’s a file format from the early 90’s and doesn’t get used much anymore. Illustrator can open it or Corel draw. That’s all I know of.

Actually, EPS is still a very common format in wide use and can be natively opened by Inkscape and most other major graphics programs.

@nicrae82 : It sounds like something might be wrong with the file. Check with the person that provided it to you about how they generated or acquired a file. I’ve often had clients send me files where there just changed the file extension instead of actually saving something out correctly.


Thank you for the feedback! I will try the suggestions and go from there.

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